Our Mission

The first goal and primary mission of Heritage Treatment Link is to provide substance use treatment which serves the entire person. Individuals coming into the program who are challenged by substance use and abuse issues, did not get there without other influences and contributing factors. Our goal is to work with the entire individual and to look at the different aspects of their lives which have impacted the person. Beyond questions regarding substance use and abuse, key questions we consider as we interview and assess the individual include:

  • Did they grow up lacking financial resources and opportunities which may have led to poverty?
  • Was school a positive experience or did they experience struggles and learning challenges which may continue to impact the person? Were they able to graduate from high school or to access higher education or vocational training?
  • Do they have a support system and positive relationships with family and friends to help them make positive decisions/changes in their life? Do they have a place where they feel loved and accepted just for who they are?
  • Has the person experienced trauma? Have they experienced physical, sexual, verbal, emotional abuse or domestic violence?
  • Do they have medical issues of concern? Are there mental health or cognitive issues impacting the person?
  • Do they have current or past legal issues which impact the person and/or family members?